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OOC Information
NAME; Kisa
AGE; 19

IC Information
CHARACTER NAME; Annabeth Chase
AGE; Unsaid, 14-15
CANON; Percy Jackson and the Olympians
CANON POINT; Battle of the Labyrinth, after the prophecy is given
FAMILY TYPES; Wind Guardians, Dragon's Roar, Virus Busters

Thanks to one Percy Jackson's need to describe her, we have a fairly well painted picture of Annabeth. Like all children of Athena she has two defining traits. The first being that she has long blond hair, which she would much prefer to be darker because of the stigma behind it. Percy initially describes it as "curly as a princess'", however Annabeth more often than not keeps it in a ponytail and she wears it under a Yankee's cap. Another noticeable trait is a new one, a section of her bangs turned gray permanently. The second defining trait is storm gray eyes. Annabeth's eyes tell others a lot about her, because they're always calculating. Besides that, her eyes reflect her emotions and ideas perfectly. When she's cocky or amused her eyes shine. When she's thinking how best to take you out in a fight? You'll know well before she's pulling that dagger out.

Her body and built has often been described as a Californian girl or an athlete. Which leans to believe that, even now, Annabeth has feminine curves and looks, but is well toned and muscled. Of course, the latter is more than proven from her rigorous training at Camp Halfblood that went from archery to lava rock wallclimbing. However, she's also noted to have always been fairly pretty and, at least in Percy's eyes, has only become more beautiful through her teenage years (but Percy is also really biased). Aside from a rather athletic built, Annabeth also has on her side a towering height of five foot six, which she's taller than Percy with.

In dress and manner, Annabeth keeps to the above given idea of her character. Normally she's seen in her Camp Half-blood t-shirt, denime shorts, Camp Half-blood necklace, and Yankee's cap (the last being something she does not currently carry on her). While she wears her camp necklace the only other feminine touch is wearing the owl earrings her father had given her some years ago. However, while this is Annabeth's preferred style of dress, it's also the easiest thing to wear when you never know when a mythological apocalypse is about to happen. She has been seen in dresses and more feminine attire and seems comfortable in it, although the occasions are rare.

Annabeth Chase is a lot of things. She's both intelligent and witty and jealous and uncertain. When most characters first see her they think she looks cold and calculating. Percy thought as much and Jason thought she looked about ready to take him out. Other characters, such as Piper, seemed to have a belief of a strength behind her that she (Piper) admired. Annabeth, on the other hand, seems to hold a bit of resentment of where she comes from. And fandom itself often compares her to Hermione Granger, which is often a good ascertain, but that's not all of who Annabeth is.

Annabeth's first appearance in the series actually gives a good insight for the rest of the books. When Percy first sees her, she inquires on who he is and what's going on fiercely. Then, the next time she's watching over him, and finally she tells him he drools in his sleep. Each of these interactions show three different sides of Annabeth: the inquisitive side, the caring side, and the witty side.

A girl that's never happy until she has all the answers, Annabeth is a very logical thing. She sees things in calculations, no matter what she's doing. In a fight she's able to quickly figure out the trajectory carefully and can even get a society's history simply from paying attention to the clues that surround her. The children of Athena aren't blessed with any supernatural gifts, they can't create fire or earthquakes or anything like that. Instead, like their mother, the children are born with wonderful insight, memory, and intellect. Annabeth has been one of her mother's pride and joys since she was very young, because she expresses the very root of who Athena was.

However, while Annabeth works hard to learn everything she does, her greatest love is architecture. Annabeth at the end of the first series became the Architect to the Gods, and it was a dream come true. In a lot of ways, she lives and breathes the subject. It was a running joke early on that Annabeth would often recite the history, the amount of stairs, the height, and other various measurements of a building to anyone who would stand still and listen. She's very passionate about architecture and takes time to appreciate all of the buildings she passes.

This liking of architecture also plays a hand in her need for structure. In Mark of Athena, Frank asked her how to defeat the Chinese Handcuff trick. In natural Annabeth fashion, she pulled open her laptop and had a 3D display going of how to do it while going in depth to explain it. Frank then, before leaving, tells her that maybe she should think small too. It's difficult for Annabeth, however, as she looks and sees and breaks things down. The best way for her to show others how to do something is to show how she figured it out herself. Simplifying things isn't easy or her, and it takes many characters going "okay, now what's it in normal people terms?" before she realizes she's doing it again.

She does have issues in learning, however, as like with most demigods she was born with both dyslexia and ADHD. While the powers behind it will not come to Terminal Tokyo with her, the diagnoses are both still very well. Annabeth isn't noted to have an extreme case of ADHD, unlike others such as Percy and Leo, so it's never been an extreme worry for her. Her biggest and worst enemy, however, is her dyslexia. Annabeth spends hours upon hours trying to fight it and often gets annoyed when she realizes she's misread something or reading doesn't come as easy to her as she believes it should. It frustrates her.

And, unsurprisingly, her frustrations on the side of learning don't end there. Annabeth actually hates the colour of her hair: blond. She feels it makes people automatically assume she's some ditzy chick who doesn't really understand anything. Annabeth says she's been faced with people looking down on her and not thinking she was smart enough simply because of the colour of her hair. This makes her feel like she has to do better and prove herself just as capable as the next person. However, it does seem to come in handy during certain times.

All demigods have a fatal flaw and Annabeth’s is simple; hers is hubris, or deadly pride. Her flaw was revealed in the second novel when Percy learns she wishes to rebuild everything even better than the gods. In fact, Annabeth’s pride is the reason they found out, really—she thought she could stand against the Sirens’ call and see her greatest desires (this failed, of course). Still, throughout the series Annabeth shows a great amount of pride that’s borderline arrogance. Her brother, Daedalus, is also shown to have hubris which could prove to be a trait of children of Athena. As it is, Annabeth knows that hubris is a deadly flaw and seems to resist against the deeper instincts of it.

However, don’t let that make you think that Annabeth is far from prideful. Her goal is after all, to rebuild the world better than even the gods could manage… But otherwise, there are certain things that will irritate Annabeth when it comes to her pride. She takes knowledge very seriously and putting it down is an upset for her. When the sphinx guarding part of the Labyrinth in the fourth novel tries to give her basic knowledge questions instead of riddles that makes a person think, Annabeth becomes offended… To the point she belittles the sphinx and ends up getting her and the group attacked.

This leads us to the next part of Annabeth as a whole: the fact she has a fiery temper. No matter when you catch her Annabeth is a fierce person and this fact is constantly reiterated by various characters from Percy to Jason. Once she’s pushed to the limit there’s absolutely no stopping her fierce blaze. Annabeth is no pushover and anyone who thinks otherwise will be in a surprise of their lifetime. She has absolutely no problem proving a person wrong and yelling at them if she’s on the edge of her rope, be it because of her pride or simply worry for a person.

Annabeth’s overall fieriness is also hand-in-hand to her determination. Perhaps one of the best quotes to use for her is one from Jason in the fact that she’ll look at a person hard and long enough as if she’s trying to get answers from them by sheer willpower. Once she’s set her mind on her there’s little that will stop her, even her own worries. This is seen as early as the first novel where she practically attaches herself to Percy’s hip to go on a quest and later during the fourth novel where she becomes rigidly determined on leading a quest into the labyrinth.

Given the fact Annabeth ran away from home at the tender age of seven, Annabeth has obtained a large amount of trust issues. For the longest time she thought her stepmother despised her for putting her other children in danger and, consequently, her father hated her as well. For several weeks because of this she traveled on her own with no help until she came across Thalia and Luke. However, when she eventually started trusting more people would be ripped to shreds when Luke betrays the camp and inevitably her. Annabeth has felt a lot of betrayal in her life time, or at least believes she has, and because of this she can be wary and distrustful of meeting new people.

Overall, however, once you have wormed your way into Annabeth’s heart she becomes immensely loyal to you, to the point she’ll face her own fears. This is seen in the Battle of the Labyrinth, when she faces her fear of Cyclopes to try and find Grover who was lost within the labyrinth. Annabeth may not exactly call a lot of people friends, but she’s loyal to those within her camp and the ones close to those she is close to. She’ll sacrifice a lot for these people, and her life is not the worst cost to her.

Generally speaking, Annabeth puts a lot of faith into the people who have won her heart. She doesn’t let in a lot of people easily, but once they are she is devoted to them in way. She fully believed and trusted Luke when he promised her a “new family” with him and Thalia, and that’s what made it so hard for her to accept him turning to Kronos. It is why, by the last battle, she still hadn’t completely given up on him knowing that the real Luke had to be in there somewhere. It’s just this: when Annabeth gives you her heart she really gives you her heart, which is what makes betrayal and upset even worse with her.

But it also means that Annabeth has a deep seeded jealousy and possessiveness going on. Her lack of being able to trust people instantaneously stems from a general fear of rejection. She feels that people are going to push her away or hate her for something. While Annabeth is far too proud to admit to such a thing, it means she because easily jealous and possessive when it comes to people she’s close to. When she was younger she was jealous of her two younger brothers for the attention they got and now she gets jealous when another girl so much as even looks Percy’s direction. It’s quite ridiculous sometimes, really.

Riordan once called Annabeth Percy’s rational side. “She can look at things that sometimes evade Percy in his battle panic,” which is true, as shown in the very first novel. Annabeth has a calm, collected and calculating nature when it comes to planning, events happening and even battles. Whereas we constantly see Percy get into fights that make it to the news, Annabeth gets in several on her own that doesn’t get so far. She looks at things and tries to pull them apart, quickly if need be, to see what needs to be done. This is the strategic nature of her mother coming out. Although normally rational, there are times when Annabeth is so deeply afraid she’s incapable of it.

Annabeth is shown to be anxious and fearful. While most of the time she is too prideful to let things get in the way, when faced with Cyclopes or spiders she can be so terribly afraid that she’s shaking. Anxiety? Oh, yeah, there’s definitely that and Percy’s a major cause for this—a good example being when she thought he’d take immortality and leave her behind as a mortal. While she is normally put together and too full of pride to slip up, when at the extremes of her fears or when things get too rough, she does show that she’s not as stern as she can be.

Although generally stern and critical Annabeth is not completely lifeless, she’s still a teenager for the most part. She grew up fact considering her early laugh, but Annabeth still likes to have a bit of fun. She likes going to the movies with Percy and had fun playing in the Lotus Arcade, but it’s not her all the time. She’s reasonably witty and clever, seen at near constant banter with Percy where they go so far as joking about people not plotting to kill them for a day… She’s a kid, a kid who’s had to go on a bunch of quests and save the world and is just wants a shot at a normal life.

The truth is she likes to have fun, just not nearly so much as trying to piece things together and figure out what they’re supposed to mean. Percy says it pretty perfectly at the end of the Last Olympian when they were having fun and goofing off, but he still looked at her and went “you’re thinking about the prophecy, aren’t you?” When she asked how he knew he’d simply said that it was because he knew her. And, ultimately, all pride and ability to be a child like the rest of them aside, Annabeth will always be looking at things and trying to pry out information from sheer willpower. It’s who she is, after all.



[Well, TT, hope you weren't looking for a normal entry. Instead you get the sight of a frustrated teenage girl whose fierce eyes are a blaze. Her features look hard and determined. She's only one thing on her mind as she tries to push broiling panic away. Hope you weren't looking for someone too conversational. ]

I've had enough of playing someone else's games. Who so called chose me? How is it we're stuck in a Digital World? [She frowns in an unsatisfied manner before continuing on--] I already have my own fight to sort through, so if this is some sort of trick I'm not going for it. Unless you've got answers or can tell me where he is I don't want to hear it.

I'm not here to mess around.

[And she cuts the feed before the overwhelming urge to scream lets out.]

I can't actually link because this is an Amat sample, but hopefully it will do!

Immediately after ending the connection, Annabeth had thrown the device to the bed and began pacing the floor. Her mind ticking away the seconds that turned into minutes, just as she’d promised, while she crossed each path and took in the room. The general architecture wasn’t unfamiliar with the girl that was the Architect of the Gods, but it still didn’t stop her stomach from churning and her mind whirling.

She had questions—plenty of them. Even the guide that had been sent to her before she’d gotten to speak to Percy failed to answer all of her questions. Although, to be fair, due to her frustration and the overwhelming amount of answers that had come, she hadn’t spent all too much time trying to fight her dyslexia to read it in its entirety. It was that thought that had her glance at the bed once more.

Taking a breath, she approached it and reclicked the link that had been sent. A brow furrowing as the racing thoughts continued on. Atia? No, that certainly wasn’t a deity she’d heard of in her time. Even working on the construction in Olympus the short time she had… Well, she would have heard of any entity by such a name. That was another mount of frustration that Annabeth wasn’t happy with—how little she really knew about anything on the matters.

Annabeth hadn’t needed to be told anything to understand the trouble they were in here. The fact Percy was here and… didn’t remember anything of the past ten months wasn’t something she could take lightly. Least of all was Luke. Ten months since she watched him stab himself with the blade he’d given her. He’d died a hero, Annabeth saw no differently. A part of her would always trust him, but how did you even begin to speak to someone after a situation like that?

She didn’t have much longer to think on it when she heard the knock on the door. Hand clenching around the device that she’d realized she had still been unable to concentrate on, Annabeth checked the familiar bronze dagger at her side before proceeding to the door without hesitation. It was only when she arrived that she exhaled. Right.

Six months spent searching for him. Hera and her stupid tricks couldn’t even give them a few minutes of piece. And yet she was expected to believe he was here? A breath away?

It seemed too hopeful to be true.

She pressed on, however, opening the door without so much as a warning beyond its movement. Quiet at the sight of familiar black hair and green eyes she paused, briefly, sinking his look in and doing her best to control the emotions that were trying to overtake. Her eyes still darker than normal as she tried forcing any semblance of tears away, she wasn’t having this. This was reminding her far too much of the quest she had led, and she couldn't have that.

No. Giving him a look, she spoke but once sentence.

“Should have known,” she started, “you’re twenty seconds passed ten minutes.”


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